The most versatile specialty bars on the market. For Strength Training, body building, sport specific training, all around health and fitness, training variety.
The original patent pending TGRIP BARBELL


Not Just a bar it’s a Brand

“Its simple- It’s a bar”


TGRIP Strength Equipment has a line of the most unique barbells and and equipment that is different than anything else on the market today. TGrip barbells can be used by anyone from the gym novice to pro athletes  

TGrip Barbells are different from any other equipment and by far the most uniquely designed bars that can be used for the widest variety of fitness training. They are the only parallel grip bars that have the option of the traditional cambered curl bar that is intergraded in the bar design. Having this option allows them to be the most versatile bars on the market today. The T-Grip bars were designed with certain curves that countour to the body of every person which will enable you tom perform certain movements and exercises with complete comfort, balance and stability. The TGrip barbells are great for powerlifting, body building, post rehabilitation, sport specific training injury prevention and recreational weight lifting Parallel or neutral grip exercises is being more recognized for injury prevention because of less stress on the shoulder rotator cuffs, elbows and joints.


TGrip Barbells are uniquely designed and can be used for a wide variety of training. They are the only parallel grip bars that have the option of a traditional cambered EZ-curl bar that is intergraded into the bar design, providing versatility. TGrip bars are designed with curves that contour to the body, enabling users to perform movements and exercises with comfort, balance and stability. The 7ft TGrip bars are USA made crafted with quality and can handle more weight than can be lifted by any human, The Olympic size TGrip bars are popular in Powerlifting, Body building, Sport specific training, injury prevention and recreational fitness training.  “Not just a Bar-It’s A Brand”   

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