Taking Your Arm Workout To The Next Level

Taking Your Arm Workout To The Next Level

When you think of doing an arm training routine, what piece of equipment comes to mind? A regular barbell? A set of dumbbells? If you’re not thinking about the T-grip bar, you don’t realize what you’re missing out on. 

This is simply the best bar that you could be using if you want to get bigger biceps, get bigger triceps, and see massive strength gains overall. 

Let’s look at why the T-grip bar is the one that you need to be using in your arm bodybuilding workout plan. 

Hits Your Muscles At All Angles 

The first reason why this bar is the superior choice is because it’s going to help to hit your muscles at each and every angle possible. 

If you want to see optimal gains, it’s important that you stress the muscles a number of ways. The T-grip bars offer you the option to use a neutral hand grip position with the cambered curl bar grip variations. 

This allows you to really customize your workout, making sure that you never leave even the smallest muscle fibers in the arms untouched.  You will the muscles to a much deeper level, thus seeing better overall results. 

Allows For Great Training Versatility 

The second reason to go for the T-grip bars is that they will allow for greater training versatility.  When doing your tricep exercises, you can perform them with the palms facing up, making sure the triceps receive maximum stimulation.  Likewise, hammer curls can be performed, which switch up the stress loading pattern on the biceps, giving you great gains in strength. 

This bar also makes it easy to execute a wide variety of supersets with your weight training program, which assist in increasing the rate of muscle size that’s built. 

Standard protocols such as supersets and drop sets are important to be used regularly as you go about your upper body workout because these are what will increase the intensity of the standard training program, making your muscles work harder each and every second you’re in the gym. 

If you aren’t adding this variety as you go through the workout program, you aren’t going to be seeing results – it’s that simple. 

The T-grip bar makes things far easier and will dramatically decrease the chance you hit a training plateau. 

Decreases Injury Risk 

Finally, this T-grip bar will put the body in the most natural position as you go about each of your exercises, which is also going to be important for keeping you injury free and optimizing the progress you make. 

If you’re forcing your body into an unnatural range of movement pattern, this is going to stress the tendons, ligaments, and joints to a higher degree, and may really take away from the training benefits you should be seeing. 

So if you’re ready to kick your arm building workout up a notch, make sure that you don’t overlook what the T-grip bar has to offer you.  Make the change today and you will notice a difference in your arm size very shortly.

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