Giving Some Consideration To The Parallel Grip

Giving Some Consideration To The Parallel Grip

If you’re heavily involved in your body building workout or simply doing a home workout to improve your overall level of fitness and strength, one thing that you should be considering is utilizing the parallel grip. 

Many people overlook the benefits that this grip has to offer, but really, it’s one that definitely should be utilized.  T-grip parallel barbells allow you to easily incorporate this grip into your workout program, so will allow you to reap all the benefits it has to offer. 

Let’s take a quick look at why you should be using the parallel grip with your weight training program throughout the many different weight training exercises you perform. 

Improves Strength And Stability 

The first reason to consider the parallel grip is because it will really help to improve your overall strength and stability. You may find that you are slightly shaky when you first start using it, but this is your body adapting to the positioning. 

Over time, it will strengthen all the tendons and ligaments around the wrists better and help you build stronger upper body muscles overall. 

Helps You Bust Through A Plateau 

The second reason the parallel grip should be included in your weight lifting program is because it’ll quickly help you bust through a plateau. 

Hitting a plateau in your training is a very frustrating occurrence and a parallel grip will quickly put this behind you. 

The change in stress loading patterns will get your body sitting up and responding faster than before. 

Less Stress On The Body 

One thing that many people don’t realize about the parallel grip is that it’s actually the primary choice of grip by physical therapists.  The reason? Safety. No other grip is going to be as safe to perform the exercise with, so if you want injury prevention, this is the grip to use. 

It’s a much more natural grip to be utilizing since your body will normally move into this position when your arms are resting down by your sides. 

Improved Range Of Motion 

Finally, the last reason to consider the parallel grip is because it will give you a better range of motion throughout many of the exercises that you complete. This is important as using that full range of motion is what will allow you to see maximum gains in strength and size. 

So there you have the many different reasons why you should be seriously considering including the parallel grip into your workout program. Not only is it a very effective grip to be using, but it will liven up your workouts and get you more excited about completing them as well. 

Any beginner who’s going to first give this grip a try should be using a T-Grip parallel bar as this bar will easily allow you to adjust to the grip position and confident move through the action pattern without injury risk. 

Make the most of what this grip has to offer.

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